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Join us at the Loving Me As Is Cafe' Gathering to celebrate our 10th Anniversary! COMING FALL 2021 IT'S FREE!!! Our Theme: Soul Facial Part 2 Guest Speaker: Cherie Elder We are looking forward to gathering, laughing, sharing, healing, and receiving.
Not an Event; It's an Experience!
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Loving Me As Is Virtual Cafe' 

Image by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals)

Lord, I want to breathe again

Young beautiful woman with closed eyes.j

Transitioning to Transform

Lord, Why Am I Still Not Happy?

Beautiful young african american woman w

Don't Faint, While You Wait!

Our Previous Workshops

Image by Clarke Sanders

Soul Facial: The Protocol for Living Your Best Life!

Guest Speaker: Cherie Elder

Workshop Held November 9, 2019

Portrait of a carefree young woman stand

Thank You Notes:

Becoming the Exceptional Me

Guest Speaker: LaTisha Winston

Workshop Held September 14, 2019

charity, environment, ecology, agricultu

The Same Promises,

New Beginnings

Guest Speaker: Kim Terry

Workshop Held June 1, 2019

Surprise breakfast with note of apology.

Making Room 4 Forgiveness

Guest Speaker: Katrina Watts

Workshop Held March 30, 2019

Friends Laughing.jpg

The Making of a Covenant Relationship

Philippians 2:5

Guest Speaker: Betty Smith

Workshop Held January 19, 2019

Portrait of woman with mascara on white
iStock-518885222-aa red shirt and glasse

I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Guest Speaker: Lynnette Cosby

Workshop Held October 20, 2018

Taking Off the Mask

Guest Speaker: Michele Parker

Workshop Held April 18, 2018

I am Ok with Being Perfectly Imperfect

Guest Speaker:  Victoria Davidson

Workshop Held March 3, 2018

Hidden Accessories

Guest Speaker: Nikki Pinkney

Workshop Held January 30, 2018