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18 Items in My Basket of Pleasantries

To fight against complaining about what is wrong, I choose to think about those things that put a smile on my face. I call this my Basket of Pleasantries, a virtual basket I pull from whenever life becomes a bit overwhelming. Here are 18 things that make me smile at any given moment. 1. Seeing the sunrise on a cool spring morning and not having to go into the office 2. Reading a book from cover to cover that changes the way I see me and the world 3. Sipping hot ginger tea that has at least 2 table spoons of honey with my husband on our deck 4. Opening all the blinds in the house to let tons of sunshine in 5. Smelling the aroma of my favorite dish of stir-fried shrimp and sweet pe

My Journey As an Expectant Mother

Conception, Carrying, and Birthing children are milestones, frightening at times, hard work and rewarding. For myself, suffering all day from sickness, uncertainty, pain, agony, and the fact of not knowing all that’s going on with my changing body has indeed been challenging. Praying, Reading the word and Seeking God all throughout my day daily is what eliminates my fears and doubts. It allows me to be at peace of what God has in store for my life and family. There is a blessing and a testimony after trials, tribulations, and different seasons of one’s life. Through it all I’ve learned to thank God now and will forever more. My Journey Continues: I’m not on this journey alone. The lord and m

Healthy Body, Healthy Content

Exercising: “A New You Begins with You” Exercising is a physical activity such as walking, jogging, swimming, weight training, cleaning around the house, and or taking a class at the gym of one’s choice. The benefits of exercising can lead to maintaining a healthy weight, decreased health conditions, an improve mindset, and increased energy levels. Exercising also helps with getting a full night’s rest, an improved sex life, and its overall fun ("7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity", 1998-2015). Exercising consistently and diligently improves your health from the inside out. Exercising is challenging but can be rewarding at the same. Once you begin a regimen and stick with the routine

Loving Me As Is Means...

Our Purpose LOVING ME AS IS (LMAI) was created soley to promote healthy attitudes and lifestyle in the lives women. When women adopt an attitude of "Loving Me As Is"; this eventually leads to a spirit of excellence that builds upon being physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually healthy. No matter our background, race, economy and social status, shape, size, height, or history. We are beautiful queens, princesses, warriors, friends, but more importantly, we are sisters. We are more than conquerors because we are equipped to do more than just survive a tragic situation. Remember, God said in His word "For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, tho

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