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The President and the Young Ladies

I simply love this photo of President Obama and the young ladies who surround him with great enthusiasm! Share with us what you see or how you would describe this photo. Also, what would it mean to you if your daughter, niece, granddaughter or goddaughter had an opportunity to meet the President of the United States who happens to have daughters who look like them? You can leave your comment by scrolling to the bottom of our website. We also encourage you to subscribe to our website so you can receive future updates. Please take a moment to read the article associated with this photo by clicking this link, White House Turns Toward Women and Girls of Color With New $118-Million Initiative.

Transitioning to Loving Yourself Better

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and watch 2015 come to a close, instead of us making a New Year's resolution, let's consider doing some self-examination by reflecting on why we want or need to make changes in our life. While we pounder that thought, I would like to offer a few words of wisdom found in the Book of Romans, chapter 12 verses 1-12. The first two verses of this chapter, Paul’s message to the Romans is about the need to sacrifice one's flesh in order not to conform to this world- He goes on to say that after you present your body as a living sacrifice, we must transform by the renewing of your mind. When your mind is renewed you are then able to give God your a sincere worsh

Embracing Our Natural Heritage

For many centuries, people of color in America have struggled to achieve the image of straight, cascading long hair that the majority of otherculture groups in America have. According to statistics, the black hair care industry makes about nine billion dollars in one year alone. However, in recent years many African Americans have made the decision to allow their thick, textured hair to flourish in a process commonly referred to as going natural. Going natural embraces African heritage and allows one to feel liberated, confident, and enlightened from the pressure to look like other women who are presented in today’s society. Traditionally in Africa, elaborate hairstyles were created to mark

Entrepreneurship Series: What You Should Know When Starting A New Business

Tips on Building An Effective Brand It could be said that branding evokes images, emotions, and memories as a means to encourage customers to take action to purchase goods or services. Moreover, using colors, sounds, logos, aromas, cunning and catchy phrases or a simple tune can make a significant difference to the bottom line. During this time of year, companies are putting their best foot forward in spending millions of dollars in marketing campaigns that promote their products or services, while using the power of branding. For instance, many of us recognize catchy jingles (song) like the ones sung during Coca Cola commercials . We also have become familiar with seeing the adorable and i

9 Steps to Accepting the "As Is"

"As Is" can be defined as “buyer beware” when purchasing an item in whatever condition that presently exists. In other words, accepting the item with all faults. The buyer has the right to reject the item after taking the time to thoroughly examine it before deciding to accept it “As Is”. Perform the steps below with a good girl friend and be brutally honest with yourselves. Let us know what you learned from this exercise by sending us a note at ContactUs@lovingmeas.com. Ccnsider re-accessing your life in learning how to work towards loving you “As Is”. Here are a few steps you can take in loving you “As Is”. Step 1: Ask yourself what does it mean for you to love you “as is”. Step 2: Star

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The White House Focusses on Women and Girls of Color With a New $118 Million Initiative

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