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At Loving Me As Is (LMAI), we are passionate about and committed to helping women discover their true self-worth through spiritual healing of the heart, mind, body and soul. It requires tenacity, honesty and a lifetime of self-examination to understand and embrace the beauty and power that resides in each of us.  Psalm 139:14 says, "I praise Him because I am fearfully and wonderfully made", which serves as the foundation

for the LMAI campaign.  Follow us on this wonderful and perhaps at times difficult journey of learning how we can love ourselves "As Is".  Below is our Mission, Vision, Commitment, and Connections.




It is LMAI's aim to hosts local and national Health and Wellness Symposia, Brunches, workshop cafe's designed to bring together local health and wellness coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, counselors, beauty experts, local authors, and public health experts who are fully engaged to educate and empower women in support of them having healthier bodies * minds * finances * relationships * spirit.  With that in mind, LMAI makes every effort to offer relevant resources through its website, blog posting, and health and wellness symposia and workshops designed.  These resources are designed  to help women transform their thinking and habits into healthier lifestyles, leading the way to living joyfully and loving themselves, as well as others, unconditionally. 


LMAI is one of the premier resources for women to access  information that transformative in creating healthier families, in turn, healthier community. 




LMAI is committed to creating a safe place for woman to share their stories about their challenges, dreams, triumphs, and journeys.  Sharing their stories can aide in their ability to conquer their fears, stretch their imagination, and strengthen their resolve.

This is why LMAI works endlessly to help women identify and actualize their truth and everyday purpose.  LMAI believes that women are unique vessels created by God to change the world. However, to change the world, LMAI believes it is imperative that women understand, recognize, AND experience God's unconditional love for them and those in their immediate circle.  

LMAI further believes that women can lead the charge in healthy thinking, healthy decisions, healthy behaviors as the foundation to building healthier relationships and communities.

Please consider sharing your story hardship, hope, and helping to strengthen others.  Send us an e-mail at  Feel free to include a recent photo or a video (5 minutes or less testimony).  We will contact you within a few days to confirm we have received your e-mail to post your story on our Blog page.  This is your opportunity share your story about how you were able to transform your life by Loving You As Is.  



LMAI promotes entrepreneurship by helping entrepreneurs connect and unite (partner) with other entrepreneurs who have similar goals, mission, and vision.

Over the years, LMAI has partnered with local health and wellness experts and educators to offer tools and messages to our conference attendees.  These tools and messages are interconnected to promote positive self-image and body image, self-confidence, high self-esteem, self-forgiveness, self-care and self-love. 

If you are an entrepreneur in the business of promoting health and wellness services or products, LMAI would love to highlight your business on our website.  Please send us your website link or email address as well as relevant videos (MP3) or photos as a JPG, PDF or GIF, if applicable, along with a short paragraph describing your business, products or type of services you provide.

To stay connected and receive updates about our blog and local events, subscribe to our website (scroll to the bottom).  We look forward to bringing the LMAI campaign to your city, church, conference, school, or organization.  Go to our Contact Us page to book one of our experts. Remember, none of us are perfect--we all have flaws and imperfections.  Start today, Loving You As You Are, unconditionally; why, because God has shown and equipped us to love unconditionally.



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