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Unconditional Love for Me

I believe transformation starts with FORGIVING self and ends with UNCONDITIONAL love for others.  Love unlocks the door to our minds and hearts. Once we experience this transformative life, we will better understand this thing called unconditional love, a kind of love God has for each of us. 

Unconditional love can and should start with you loving you “as is”.  How can you love others unconditionally, if you cannot love you unconditionally, which means accepting all your flaws, short-comings, and imperfections.  To quote my loving sister, Gabriella, "we are perfectly imperfect". I love that statement, which means I can love all of me and only I can define me; so I can say that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

I asked myself, am I trapped by my thoughts, making unwise decisions that ultimately manifest into unhealthy behaviors and habits designed to hinder us from being all that God has created me or us to be?  Yes, perhaps at times.  Aretha Franklin sung a song in the 1968 called “Think” and at the bridge of the song you hear her say ‘FREEDOM”. God wants us to experience FREEDOM!  He desires that we live our life based on not what we see, but how He sees us and who He says we are.  Again, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When transformation comes, it really does change your perspective about everything, including how you see you! 

Transitioning to transform is God’s way of healing you and presenting you with the choice to live a healthy and victorious, everyday.  He offers you with an extraordinary freedom to love unconditionally, without boundaries.  This same freedom will gift you with the capability to love you “as is”, or unconditionally, why, because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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