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Scriptures say that there is a connection between two and a covenant is formed to create an agreement or promise. Furthermore, the word covenant means "to cut"; therefore, a covenant can be seen as cutting, which references to divide two parts (sacrifice) in order to become one.


How healthy are your relationships? How much time do you spend cultivating your relationships? The amount of time you spend with your love ones during a given day or week is a good indicator whether your relationships are your number one priority. Start your journey by getting to a place of Loving YOU As Is.  



The Law of Two


The power of covenant, and that the difference in seasons is a person. One person can change your life in 24 hours. All you need is one person to recognize what is special about you, to take you on as a mentor to you, to enter into a covenant with you. Who is that person?

By Mike Murdock  - 7 laws-you-must-honor-to-have-uncommon-success





The Law of Place


Please take the time to really love you as you are--fearfully and wonderfully made. That is in His word. When you love you as God planned it, then that inward love will begin to manifest from inside out. Remember my sister you were bought with a price. That means you were worthwhile Jesus giving his life for you.



How important is family to you? Outside of watching the television, do you spend quality time with each other?  Do you find that everyone is confined to their own room or corner surfing the web, sending text messages, downloading music or watching his or her reality TV show?

Tip: Try turning off all devices like cell phones, television, ipad, iphone, computer or laptop for one evening. Then plan to read together, play games together, cook or bake together.  Try this once a week for one month and see how different life can be. You may experience that your overall communication improves, stress and arguments decrease and laughter and creativity increase.

The Law of the Mind


The Law of the Mind.  Knowing how to focus the mind, to rule the mind, to make the mind work for you, not let the mind control you. To learn, to be focused, to concentrate, to have a picture in your mind of what you want and go for it, like visualization. See it. Have pictures up on the wall.  But you have to study and appropriate God's word in order to understand and actualize the vision. Ask yourself, what movie is playing over and over again on the screen of your mind?  By Mike Murdock  - 7 laws-you-must-honor-to-have-uncommon-success



The Law of Difference


This is having the wisdom to be able to discern difference. What makes you different from everyone else. What problem can you solve sharing your God given gift(s)?

By Mike Murdock  - 7 laws-you-must-honor-to-have-uncommon-success

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