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Our Story

In 2011, we sent a notice to any women who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, starting with a discussion about our self image and how it was affecting or quality of life.  So approximately 35 women, a few friends and strangers, gathered at my home on a sunny spring day in May. We all were seeking to live a more healthy and purposeful lives.  After the initial meeting, we decided to expand our vision to include healthy and wellness workshops geared toward a theme of self-love and forgiveness, renaming our mission LOVING ME AS IS (LMAI); meaning we are ok to be perfectly imperfect . 


Each year we partner with local health experts and educators to organize workshops and presentations that are designed to equip conference attendees with the tools and knowledge that will help aid in their healing process. The tools and messages are interconnected and promote positive self-image, body image, self-confidence and high self-esteem. In essence, if you love who are then you will most likely not end up in unhealthy relationships, adopting unhealthy attitudes, habits and engaging in risky behaviors that will eventually destroy you inside out. As humans, we tend to protect those things we deem to valuable to us.

LMAI is also known for bringing together entrepreneurs who share similar missions, visions and passions that are aimed at improving women’s overall health not just through workshop presentations, demonstrations but also in the form of training, testimonies and the dissemination key information.

In the past, we focused on natural products and cancer survivors. During the subsequent years, we continued to highlight cancer survivors; HIV AIDS and mental healthy impacting the African American community, in particular Black women.

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