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Stephanie Reid, Ph.D: Presenter, Your Healing Place

Diva Whip 

Monica Day-Ms. Maryland Plus American 2013

Dionne Edmonds: Author, "Calling Up Your Boaz"

Lauretta Beckett: Moderator

Denise Hart: Facilitator, Executive Life Coach

Omowale Elson, Ph.D: Elson Consultant Group

Donna Warfield: Speaker & Author, "Whatever Floats Your Boat"

Glenetta Harris, Presenter

Gabriella Payne, Speaker

Andrea Horace: Art of Details

Simone and Frank Williams

Sheritha Bowman: Author, "Life After Sunday"

Leslie Sherrod: Author, "Secret Place"

Sherly Jackson, Author 

Howard Baker III, Panelist

Shemesh Clark, Panelist

Javan Steadman, Author & Panelist

MaryKay Beauty Consultants

Tracy Lynn Jewelry Consultants

LMAI photos by FootPrint Fotos Studio

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