How My Big Mistake Lead To This

August 13, 2015

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Our “LOVING ME AS IS” Anthem



Open doors, open minds, open arms, open hearts

A passage of comfort for my sisters

An opportunity to explore and invest in self

Felt like someone parted my hair and poured warm, sweet oil – divine.

A real smile and an exchange of compliments

You write, “You are so right!”

You hear, “I’m glad you are here!”

You see, “Your beauty among the sea of beauties”

You know, “There are no limits with God on your side!”

You can embrace the power and glory

You see all that I am – relaxed or natural, short or long, gray or colored, temporary or permanent

You see all that I can be –

Her majesty – graceful, beautiful – 82 years and holding.

You see all that I was –

Our princess – graceful, beautiful – 9 months and growing

Acceptance here means acceptance there.

There within your heart, within your mind and within your spirit

You created a space for old hymns to be heard

“Please, Be patient with me – God is not through with me yet.”

And new songs to be created – written on a napkin as your soul was fed.

No fear, just a strong but protective force from these supportive sisters.

Yes, we are Sisters by blood, creed, and deed.

You know we share the same Heavenly FATHER.

Felt like that warm, sweet oil perm-eated my mind and reminded me

To live HIS words “I Will Love Me AS IS”

Written by Belinda Gordon-Battle –


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