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Exercising: “A New You Begins with You”

Exercising is a physical activity such as walking, jogging, swimming, weight training, cleaning around the house, and or taking a class at the gym of one’s choice. The benefits of exercising can lead to maintaining a healthy weight, decreased health conditions, an improve mindset, and increased energy levels. Exercising also helps with getting a full night’s rest, an improved sex life, and its overall fun ("7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity", 1998-2015).

Exercising consistently and diligently improves your health from the inside out. Exercising is challenging but can be rewarding at the same. Once you begin a regimen and stick with the routine it will get easier. Providing feedback for personal accomplishments and milestones should include journaling your journey in it’s entirely. Also, taking a mental note on what did and did not work brings you a step closer to figuring out daily commitments. Mixing up exercise regimens is another great way to accomplish personal goals. Starting somewhere, staying on track, and remaining involved in physical activity are excellent ways to feeling better, improving health; meaning, exercising can lead to a “healthier you”.

Choose this or this.

It is essential to start your day with healthy choices by eating healthy food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating a packed lunch or choosing a restaurant with healthy options is an important route to eating healthier foods. Unhealthy food items are food traps. Consuming reasonable amounts of healthy snacks in between meals is important as it prevents the stomach from being empty. An empty stomach and uncontrolled cravings can lead to binge eating as a way to satisfy the mind and stomach cravings at that specific given time. You can avoid unhealthy food traps by choosing wisely and setting aside time to prepare healthy meals. Acquiring 10 minutes the night before to prepare next day meals can take the place of eating on the go. However, there are instances in where packing food is not an option. Study shows it’s not the restaurant or what you consume but how often you exercise is what counts (Horovitz, 2014). Choosing wisely consistently will lead to healthier eating habits. Taking time to eat is equivalent to taking time out to think about what we eat. McDonald’s now offer healthier food options that aid in healthy eating. Healthy Meals in comparison to high calorie food items is important in terms of weight loss and having a healthier lifestyle.

Think Quick Healthy Meal: Kale Smoothie Breakfast Shake:

My personal Testimony:

1 cup of raw spinach, ½ cup of cold water, 1 tablespoon of walnuts, and 1 small whole banana

(Mix all the ingredients in a Ninja, Magic Bullet / NutriBullet to a frothy thick consistency and enjoy)


Drinking this quick, tasty, and healthy breakfast smoothie has kept my stomach full and satisfied. It takes the place of a meal. At first I had to train my mind to think differently. The mind is very powerful. It made all the difference especially after having blood work done and being told my levels are exactly where they should be. My loving mother enjoys making this smoothie as her daily breakfast. She adds ½ cup of pineapples and a ½ cup of steeled oats in addition to the above recipe. She too can admit to that it keeps her full for hours until lunch. Will you try it?


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