My Journey As an Expectant Mother

Conception, Carrying, and Birthing children are milestones, frightening at times, hard work and rewarding. For myself, suffering all day from sickness, uncertainty, pain, agony, and the fact of not knowing all that’s going on with my changing body has indeed been challenging. Praying, Reading the word and Seeking God all throughout my day daily is what eliminates my fears and doubts. It allows me to be at peace of what God has in store for my life and family. There is a blessing and a testimony after trials, tribulations, and different seasons of one’s life. Through it all I’ve learned to thank God now and will forever more.

My Journey Continues:

I’m not on this journey alone. The lord and my loving family members have been by our side the entire time. There is no such thing as being on this journey alone. It takes more than an excellent mom and awesome dad to raise children. Raising children is a collaboration from the hand of God, Parents, Grandparents, God parents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and well known trusted friends to care for the little ones. It’s truly been a blessing to have the support and to feel loved. Support has come in the form of prayers, prepared meals, countless words of encouragement, and gathering together for a tasteful healthy meal. I’m pressing towards the mark in having a beautiful healthy baby girl Lord willing, January 4th, 2016 or when the baby decides to come. Upon her arrival the journey will continue on. I’m looking forward to all that God has in store. He has created us all differently. There are special wonderful gifts with each of our names on it. God is in the blessing business. He is the beginning and the end and I’m so ever thankful. Being an Expectant mother is a blessing.

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