9 Steps to Accepting the "As Is"

"As Is" can be defined as “buyer beware” when purchasing an item in whatever condition that presently exists. In other words, accepting the item with all faults. The buyer has the right to reject the item after taking the time to thoroughly examine it before deciding to accept it “As Is”.

Perform the steps below with a good girl friend and be brutally honest with yourselves. Let us know what you learned from this exercise by sending us a note at ContactUs@lovingmeas.com. Ccnsider re-accessing your life in learning how to work towards loving you “As Is”.

Here are a few steps you can take in loving you “As Is.

Step 1:

Ask yourself what does it mean for you to love you “as is”.

Step 2:

Start a Journal, documenting your answers, thoughts, and the significant things that have happened throughout your day and how it made you feel. Most importantly, describe how you reacted or responded.

Step 3:

Record those things or events that make you sad, happy, anxious, angry, excited, friendly, caring, selfish or self-centered, jealous or envious of person(s) from your past and present. How did these events or indivual(s) shape you and your thinking?

Step 4:

Discover 10 things you like about yourself (if you can"t think of ten, keep trying until you there or ask a close friend to help you reach this important goal)

Step 5:

Describe the type of women closest to you. Are they similar or very different in nature?

Step 6:

Describe the type of men drawn to you or the type you are drawn to. Are they the type to build you up or systematically tear you down? Do you generally control the relationship to avoid getting hurt?

Step 7:

Describe the things you don’t like about you and explain why. Is it based on how you think others view or perceive you?

Step 8:

Describe the dynamic of your relationships, for example co-dependent, caregiver, reciprocal or on-sided. Determine is it healthy or unhealthy.

Step 9:

Finally, find biblical scriptures that best address and reinforce unconditional love, which is how God feels about you.

This exercise is designed to help you to get to know you so you can embrace all of you, even your faults so you can Love You As Is and appreciate all of you! Loving others begins with loving you.

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