When Your Body Speaks, Listen

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I wanted to share my story to encourage others to pay attention to signs our body gives us. I have lived a vegetarian lifestyle for the past 25 years but back in January 2017 I started having issues with sleep. I was having horrible back pain as well. Long story short, I went to an orthopedic specialist, did sleep studies and nothing was found. All of a sudden, the pain moved from my back to my stomach and I went through several months of vomiting and diarrhea and sleep quality did not improve. I was told I had the hpylori bacteria from my doctor. It was treated aggressively and I was given pills for acid reflux.

I went through multiple doctors, gastrosoexialists who wanted to put me on meds, recommended a low fodmap diet and to take a drug to help relieve me from the pains and to reduce my very inflated stomach. I asked to be retested for the bacteria because I felt there was a possibility I could still have it.

After being denied by three specialists who told me I may be developing a disease, I went to an eastern medicine doctor for an alternative method of treatment. I did a nutritional fitness test and it was discovered that I did have the bacteria still and it was so bad on me that the bacteria started causing my other organs to be overworked. I have been on a strict vegan no sugar, no dairy diet. It has been a process but after two months in the program I am seeing some positive results. I can eat without issues once I stick to the diet. When your body speaks, listen.

If you are interested in getting a nutritional fitness, contact the Advance Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing Center at 410-721-3338 or visit the website www.DoctorLo.com or www.Activator.com.

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