I am Ok With Being Perfectly Imperfect in 2019?

December 31, 2018

As individuals, particularly women, we are uncomfortable with exposing our flaws and imperfections to one another, let alone to our self.  Exposing our flaws and imperfections not only makes us uncomfortable but also leaves us feeling unworthy of God’s love and desperate to be perfect.


What makes us strive to be perfect? Can it be said that after experiencing rejection, betrayal, physical or verbal abuse or feeling a shame, fearful, and condemned, we often times allow the enemy to create false narratives in our mind that say "God can’t possibly love me because of my imperfections".   


I understand what it means to work at being perfect.  For years my imperfections and brokenness chased after me to define who I was. I was overwhelmed by feelings of shame and guilt, telling me I was unworthy of God’s love.  So, to conceal my pain and ongoing struggles, I put on a mask to hide my imperfections.


As I grew in my faith and went deeper into God’s word, walking daily in His promises, I found out that despite my imperfections, God loved me just as I was and was wanting and waiting to heal me inside out.


I encourage you today to reject the spirit of being perfect and believing false narratives or lies that would tell you that you have to be perfect to be loved.  Instead, pursue excellence, go deeper in God’s word so you can see that His love for you is unconditionally and doesn’t require you to be perfect because His love has already perfected you.


"I am ok with being perfectly imperfect Because God Loves me As I am" 

1 John 4:17-19









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